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About PRIVOPCON and Sarah

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Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to learn more about my services.  Customized trainings are also available for groups/teams for your convenience. 

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The Purpose of PRIVOPCON is to improve the overall handling and protection of Personal Information through teaching and guiding Privacy teams. My Mission is to spread knowledge and best practices to as many people as I can to help them deeply understand the fast developing (and not always clear) Privacy regulatory landscape, as well as the application of these rules to lightning-fast evolving technologies.


I've been lucky to have a busy and exciting 17-year career using my law degree in various interesting positions. After a few years of traditional practice, I moved into roles where I could use my legal training with my problem-solving and efficiency-loving brain to build and operationalize new programs, divisions, and capabilities that were subject to specific regulatory and policy requirements - but also to build them in ways that supported growth through systematic and scalable processes. I "fell" into the Privacy and Data Protection law landscape in 2016 and it became my passion. Since then I have worked in both client-facing and internal roles, in widely varying industries, with both US and International Privacy and Data Protection requirements. All while keeping up with innovations in technology that affect applications of these laws.
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The main areas I focus on are: developing internal trainings around Privacy legal and policy requirements; defining the broader definition of Personal Information/Data and the many uses; how to implement and roll out Privacy Risk Assessment Processes; and supporting communication and collaboration between Business Units and leaders for efficient Privacy and Data Protection compliance efforts. Often, many of the modern obligations contain terms with definitions that are new or different than traditional understanding, and one of the most important ways to support improving Personal Information handling and protection is to help individuals and teams understand not only the legal and policy requirements, but to truly grasp what personal information is and what that means in their  day-to-day operations. I have used this drive for sharing knowledge in a variety of ways, I am a former IAPP Official Training Partner for the CIPP/US and CIPM Certifications and I have created many internal trainings in both full time and consulting roles. I also include some level of training and awareness in all of my collateral. There aren't enough Privacy Professionals in the market to fill all of the hundreds (and growing) of required positions, so teaching individuals this information makes a significant impact on getting well-trained people prepared to fill these roles, or add this skill set to their current role.

Being a Privacy Professional and Lawyer with years of real-world experience in assorted positions allows me to teach from the rules and definitions perspective, but also to help individuals understand the practical application of the rules to actual situations. I know firsthand many of the challenges building a Privacy Program can hold, and I know many ways to problem-solve or approach these challenges which makes me a well-informed and valuable Privacy Training Professional.

Concrete Waves
Concrete Waves
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